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Bluboo X550, 5300mAh De Batería A Tu Alcance

Maybe you’re not familiar with the name Bluboo in the world of smartphones, but this could be about to change. The manufacturer is about to launch Bluboo X550 , a phone that will bring him one of the biggest batteries for this device type.

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Image of Bluboo x550 terminal

Smartphones and battery

When it comes to smartphones, one of the most common problems users experience is the battery life . As these devices become faster and more powerful, their ability to drain the battery also grows disproportionately. Of course, companies are always working on ways to improve battery life.

Latest researches the work of researchers in this area has focused on contemplating how batteries are made and seek to provide increased capacity by removing these anodes inside.

Similarly, software developers have been looking for ways to improve the daily life of a device by applying various power saving modes. Among them, there are today a number of applications that are configured by default to disable the WiFi network when not in use, turn off some services and all types of systems to try to make devices can operate for more time.

Bluboo X550 will have 5300mAh capacity in its huge battery

If this is a fundamental issue for you and long battery life is one of the characteristics that these waiting for you when looking for a new smartphone, you may Bluboo X550 is the Smartphone’ve been waiting a long time. This handset carries neither more nor less than a battery of 5300mAh . That makes him draw with Philips W6618. The batteries of both models have only 50mAh less than 5350mAh incorporating the Elephone P5000.

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Given the tremendous energy capacity model, we could be facing a phone with a battery life of about 30 days standby, but with normal use this would drop dramatically.

Many features of Bluboo X550 are still unknown

Most Bluboo X550 specifications are still unknown at this time, although the device will work for all we know with MediaTek MT6735 CPU processor quad-core 64-bit. The phone will support FDD LTE 4G connectivity and will Android 5.0 preinstalled. The Bluboo X550 will be available in black and white, and the frames around the screen of the device are narrower than in most phones. Even with the huge battery, the phone will power saving mode to squeeze every last drop of energy available.

Price and availability of Bluboo X550

The manufacturer, Shenzhen Huihua Exploit Tecnology Co., an event held between 18 and April 21 to officially announce the device. Pricing has not yet been revealed, so then there will be more details available and we will know if the rest of the specs are as good as the battery.

, Geek Tecnología y gadgets, móviles, informática, electrónica
Bluboo x550 will be available in white and black

If the Bluboo X550 delivers on all aspects acceptable characteristics and if the price goes, we may be talking about one of the phones that will talk over the next months and could really excel during this 2015.

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