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Samsung Browser, Un Navegador Para Controlarlos A Todos


As we all know, Samsung is dedicated to the production not only of phones edge s6 , but also all kinds of electronic products, including tablets , mobile devices, TVs , refrigerators and the like.

Browser Samsung aims to be a simple browser platform, enabling sync devices

Now it seems that the company is preparing to launch a new browser . The software take the original name of Samsung Browser, and will be designed with all mobile devices from which you can set any type of internet connection – mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs.

Given the conditions in which the company is one of the leaders of the world market, and considering the multitude and variety of devices it manufactures, it’s no wonder this new company initiative.

What will the Samsung Browser browser?

According to Samsung, the new web browser is not only easy to use, fast and stable, but is also able to automatically recognize the content and present it in a convenient way, regardless of the content that is being accessed and watching on a given page web.

Samsung Browser also has some additional features such as video streaming over the Internet, a mode intended for reading or saving memory pages to read later, when no connection is available simply by selecting the content and copying it to the S Pen .

The Korean giant has said that the new browser will have an improved engine that will allow you to work quickly with any type of streaming video, offering maximum comfort, something important today, given the growth in the use of such services. Samsung Browser The browser was created from the base WebKit engine.

At the same time Samsung is also working with Mozilla on a new engine called Servo, which is based on a new programming language Rust. Note that Samsung Browser does not support Adobe Flash for video, which is already becoming obsolete, but assumes one of its biggest and most important weaknesses, so here is not a complete replacement to support HTML5.

Samsung Browser is a web browser to control all devices

The company, on page development, says Samsung Browser offer with a very minimalist, fast and stable universal browser for your phone, tablet and TV, with an easy and intuitive interface, which is supposed to cover all our needs.

The browser will work with all devices that allow the internet

The site also highlights that Samsung Browser suggests the relevant content for devices in use to maximize your browsing experience and offers one-click access to content most visited and favorite.

Samsung Browser provides compatibility among different devices to try to provide a continuous navigation experience between phones, tablets and TV. The user can use Web Video Casting, available from 2015, except for some models, to display videos on the web through all devices.

What do you think they give themselves this browser? Do you think it’s important that big companies like Samsung have their own browser? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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