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MacBook 2015 no está disponible ya que Apple no ha fabricado bastantes


During the Apple event in early spring, it was clear that the company was preparing to continue sending in the technology market and beat again sales records. It was not content with presenting the Watch and Apple also unveiled the new MacBook 2015.

The MacBook 2015 was presented with the Apple Watch

However, seeing what happened, it looks like it may have been unprepared quite right.

The Apple brand began this week to receive pre-orders for Apple Smart Clock Watch, which are discovered new “secret”, and it seems that users were already facing a limited quantity in stock of this product.

However, this is not the only problem regarding sales that Apple is facing at this time. It seems that the company is not being able to meet demand for the new MacBook Retina display 2015, which is exceeding your expectations.

There are not enough MacBook or Apple Watch 2015 to meet demand

A wave of discontent spread yesterday in the web as the ultraportable computer, whose sales also launched this past Friday, April 10, is not available in many stores where it is available for purchase.

The reason for the shortage of stock MacBook 2015 is still unclear. There is a presumption that the manufacturer was much more busy preparing the launch of the smart watch and did not make the effort to have ready the orders MacBook 2015 (at least in the amount that have been arriving) as sales of laptop could have exceeded their best expectations. But at this point we still have no statement to confirm or disprove this theory, so we’re speculating anything else.

In the case of Apple Watch, in some regions can be purchased online, but after the purchase there is a delay, which can bring about 3-4 weeks until the shipment is received. In the case of gold models, you probably still do delivery and will wait even later.

Recall that Apple introduced the new MacBook 2015 on the 9th of last March. The device is a computer that is known for being particularly thin, with a touch sensitive trackpad to pressure your keyboard with a new design and screen with Retina display and incorporates the new USB-C port.

The 2015 MacBook boasts a new battery completely redesigned and has passed some speed tests which confirm that, although it is not an improvement over its predecessors in terms of performance, if you open a new path on the issues of weight, size and portability

The cost of this new Apple toy starts at $ 1,300 for cheaper but far exceeds this figure in more advanced models.

Hopefully the mark proves that falls short of the demands of their “faithful” and other consumers and solve these problems as soon as possible.

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