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Las 5 Mejores Aplicaciones Para Quitar La Publicidad En Android


Today we will help you with your mobile device, completely explaining how to remove advertising on Android . Some may think that is usually not very annoying and not find them the reasons why you should delete it from your browsing and apps, but as we will see in this article, are not only aesthetic reasons which lead us to advise you disable.

Technology Geek show you how to remove the advertising on Android

The truth is that Android has become its own merits, one of the most used for most mobile systems and it is no coincidence because it allows us to navigate with ease in most appliances and above, offers a multitude of applications from which to choose for your terminal or tablet.

But among so navigation application and many let us cast the advertising easily, and this has its drawbacks, not only for our online experience, as well. All listings need to consume width of our connection, which eventually take away some precious megabytes that can not be used as important , and this is a factor to consider, considering that many data rates with the company we hire will be limited. But besides also consume processor resources, making navigation slower, some even collect your private information and often appear at the worst time, covering information that interests you, or links that you arranged you press .

Different options to remove advertising Android

Already different browsers including options to avoid annoying ads. Chrome, for example, includes an option to block pop-ups. In Firefox, for example, we can install the AdBlock Plus extension known not only prevent pop-ups, but eliminate the advertising included in the websites we visit.

But the best option is a software that covers the browser and also avoid advertising running different applications you have installed. Yes, because they have been removed from the Google Play Store, many have to install them from their official websites.

Here are some of the best for you you optimize the use of your device.

Adblock Plus for Android

Logo known and reputable Firefox extension, also available in Android

The popular application used by many users, especially as a Firefox extension has its own version to remove advertising on Android. However you will not find in the Play Store (this and many other have been eliminated), so you must download it from the official website of Adblock. You probably need to make some changes to the network configuration of the device (allow installation of applications from unknown origin), and although not as complete as its desktop counterpart, this is a very good choice, with a confiaza software widely used worldwide.

adblockplus android


Notification Adfree activation screen

This is one of the free apps to remove advertising on popular Android, because it is one of the oldest. It’s pretty effective, simple to use and requires no additional configuration . Yes, requires superuser to function.
marketing web

Airpush Opt-out

Block attachments Airpush ads to many notifications

This is another option to remove advertisements on Android and install this application allows you to prevent your device from receiving advertisements, but only of its kind, whatever application you arrive, using Airpush SDK. http: // www. airpush.com/optout/


Image of Adaway activated on a Smartphone

Adaway is an ad blocker open source Android using the hosts file. You also need to have superuser privileges.

ibr.cs.tu-bs.de- Dominik Schürmann


Logo Lite version of Ad-Vanish Pro

This is another option to remove ads, quite complete. It also includes ad blocking applications that do not use, however, as I write these lines, seems to have disappeared from the market of Android applications. Hopefully soon appear in the catalog of F-droid, and that we have it again.

Other tips and tricks

You are are the best options for removing consider advertising on Android, but there is more. One option that personally recommend, especially if you like to take advantage of your devices, catalog featuring F-droid, which enables you to install many apps you will not find in the Play Store, including many to remove advertising on Android. You can install this catalog https://f-droid.org/

A good trick, in this case to block ads while you enjoy your favorite games, is to disable the mobile packet data connection during the game. Another is to put the phone in airplane mode, although this will prevent incoming calls or messages.

So you have options to avoid keep using your connection to the ads, and surf faster and lighter.

If you know another application you would like to include in this list or have something to say about it, feel free to comment.

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